Spring Time is Pet-Nat Time!

Tastings and News / Saturday, May 16th, 2020

Spring time, is Pét-nat time! Pétillant naturel (“natural sparkling” in French) are made with ancestral methods that predates Champagne! Fermented in the bottle, bubbles occur naturally, giving us a light, fun fizz – the perfect sip on a warm day! We got all three! Stop by our store, or order online for contactless delivery.

  1. UIVO PT NAT – A beautiful sparkling wine from Portugal by Folias de Baco. This beautiful white pét nat is bottled during fermentation without any added yeasts or sugar. Dry and crisp yet full of character. Lemon and apple notes with some buttery, toasty flavours.

  2. Croci Gutturnio – This red pét nat is from a small estate in the region of Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Grapes are harvested by hand and grown organically in loose sand full of fossilized, limestone-rich seashells combined with red clay rich. Medium bodied with dark berry notes, and a chocolate tannin finish – it’s fresh, fizzy, and tart!

  3. Sebastien Brunet’s “100%” – Enjoy this sparkling organic rosé from France’s Loire Valley! Brunet’s tiny, biodiverse vineyard uses companion farming for cover plants. The old vines produce intense fruit, bottled with native yeast and unfiltered with minimal sulfur. Strawberry aromas and tart cherry flavors, this wine is bubbly crisp!