May 27th 2016 – Carpé Vino Rosé (2015)

Carpé Vino Rosé (2015)

Grape: Merlot
Geography: North Fork, Long Island, NY

Winemaker Josh Carp presents wines from the North Fork of Long Island. Carpe Vino captures local terroir at its best. A vineyard manager out on the East End, Josh lives with his family in Brooklyn. It doesn’t get any more local than this.

Made from 100% Merlot grapes this North Fork Rosé is light and delightful but not wimpy. Chilled, it is dry and refreshing, hints of strawberry and melon are revealed after a few sips. Minimal contact with the skins gives this 2015 Rosé a light color. The grapes were grown in part of the vineyard that is tucked between two groves of trees. 2015 was a dry year with a cold start that warmed up to produce a mid-September harvest of fruit with bright, clean acidity.

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