May 17, 2019 – Weekend Wine & Spirit Tasting!

Tastings and News / Friday, May 17th, 2019

Fun tasting this weekend!
Friday we will have open some white wines from Spain, a rose from Etna Sicily, a organic Mencia grape from an iconic wine marker and a delicious rose sparkling wine from Portugal!
On Saturday, we will continues with our local spirit tasting, we will showcase three upstate New York spirits: a Bitter and Sakura Gin (cherry blossom) from Buffalo + a Vodka from Albany!!

Tasting time: 6:00 to 9:00pm

See below for full tasting information:


Can Sumoi, Penedès Xarel-lo (2018)

Geography: Catalonia, Spain
Appellation: Penedès
Features: Organic, Biodynamic
Can Sumoi is the newest project from Pepe Raventós and Francesc Escala – a found treasure in the mountains of the Baix Penedès where they realize their vision and dreams in the remarkable landscape and passion for natural wines. Can Sumoi is an agricultural farm dating to 1645, located in Massís del Montmell, 600 meters above sea level. The estate has 400 hectares of land of which 30 are vineyards planted with Parellada, Xarel.lo and Sumoll; the rest is forest of oak, white pines, tall oaks and old stone walls that surround the winery and three farmhouses from the end of the 17th century, where wine used to be made.

100% Xarel-lo fermented with indigenous yeasts in tank. Twice-weekly batonnage for a further 3 months in tank before bottling. No additives; unfined and unfiltered.

Light peach, lemon peel, briny citrus, golden apple, delicate floral notes of chamomile which are covered a bit by an acetic aspect. Touch of lemon grass and parsnip. Very high acidity on the palate, citric notes very prominent with earthy truffle notes, but very much dominated by the acid profile. Nice enough but would be at least two points higher if the acidity was more in check.

Bodegas O’Ventosela, Ribeiro Blanco Gran Leiriña (2018)

Grapes: Treixadura, Albariño, and Godello
Geography: Galicia, Spain
Appellation: Ribeiro

Bodegas O Ventosela is a family firm born in 1980 in A Grova (Ourense), when Juan Miguez Montero decided to develop and market his own wine from the knowledge accumulated during a lifetime in contact with the sector. In this winery are born the brands O Ventosela, name of the town of Juan, and Viña Leiriña, which takes its name from a small vineyard in Carballeda de Avia. Later, the Gran Leiriña, the pride brand of the winery, will be on the market. In 2006, an important modernization plan was implemented, including the construction of the modern facilities of Ponte San Clodio, Leiro, where the firm is currently located.

  • 90% Treixadura, 5% Albariño and 5% Godello
  • The flagship white, grown on granite in the estate vineyard of Finca Traveselas
  • Free-draining soils and southeastern exposure yield highly concentrated grapes
  • Pressed after a brief maceration, fermented in stainless and rested in tank a further 8 months
Pale yellow, with green highlights, clean and bright. With intensely fruity aromas, in the mouth this wine, cheerful, wide, rich in sensations, aroused in the sense freshness and joy. It is balanced and tasty.


Filipa Pato, Bairrada 3B Método Tradicional Rosé (NV)

Geography: Beiras, Portugal
Appellation: Bairrada
Features: Biodynamic
The 3B (Baga – 70% e Bical – 30%, from an Atlantic region beginning by B… Bairrada) was born the desire to create an aromatic Tradicional Method, refreshing, honest and elegant based on indigenous grapes from vineyards that respect the region tradition of cultivating.
Because the winery does not agree with the description sparkling, they designate the wine by the Traditional Method. Waiting that the country decide for a specific name such as Spain with Cava and Italy with Franciacorta
Bairrada, with its cooler maritime climate, has a long history of producing fresh and distinctive sparkling wines of quality from the native grapes of the region. Filipa Pato admirably keeps the tradition alive with her delicious and unpretentious brut rosé made from a blend of Bairrada’s signature noble red variety Baga and the tangy high acid white grape, Bical. Spicy and zesty with notes of bright citrus and red berries, this is a great (and affordable!) pairing for baked fish with paprika and Iberian olive oil or smoked fish brunch.

Murgo, Etna Rosato (2018)

Grapes: Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio
Geography: Sicily, Italy
Appellation: Etna Rosato
Features: Sustainable
The Scammacca del Murgo family is one of the few winemaking families who can claim long, deep Etna roots; longer than even some of the older Nerello Mascalese vines! For more than 100 years this family has cared for olive and fruit trees, crafted fine olive oils and jams, and nurtured Etna’s native grapes under Etna’s looming shadow. Yet it’s only been since 1980 that the baron Emanuele Scammacca del Murgo transformed the farm into a modern agricultural estate.

The slopes of Etna, now known for excellence in white and red wines of the great native grape varieties, also imbibe rosés with a unique volcanic guise which are a definite must-try. Graci is definitely one of the most historical and popular wineries, and produces, in very selected and limited quantities, a rosé that cannot fail to engage fans of this extraordinary terroir. As a matter of fact, the grapes used for this rosé come from the winery’s best performing vineyards, grown on the northern slope of the volcano. These vines produce gems like Arcurìa, an Etna winemaking masterpiece, from altitudes above 600 metres above sea level with vines trained in the traditional bush-vine method supported by espaliers. The soil, rich in stone, iron, nitrogen, and which is obviously densely volcanic, do the rest: this is the prelude to an irresistible and timeless rosé, which you will never tire of drinking.

Vinified in concrete and aged for six months in stainless steel, Etna Rosato di Graci immediately reveals its rosé character and verticality. Given that the wine is produced using soft pressing and without skin maceration, it is of a beautiful bright salmon pink colour. A delicate look that the nose confirms, of sleek refinement: plum and peach are a counterpoint to the more wild strawberry notes and the ubiquitous and explosive volcanic minerality. It’s a different type of rosé, timeless in its specificity. Indeed, with its perfectly balanced and extremely pleasant taste, this wonderful Nerello Mascalese is extraordinarily full-bodied and fresh, which is, given its extremely delicate vinification, surprising for its velvety and warmly caressing verticality, which is never overly pungent.


Bodegas y Viñedos Raúl Pérez, Ultreia Saint Jacques Bierzo (2017)

Grape: Mencía
Geography: Castilla y León, Spain
Appellation: Bierzo
Features: Organic

Ultreia Saint Jacques is a red wine produced by the winery Raúl Pérez in the D.O. Bierzo.

This winery is a personal project of the renowned oenologist from León, Raúl Pérez. Since he worked in the winery Castro Ventosa, which caused a true revolution in El Bierzo, Raúl Pérez has not stopped. His latest wines Ultreia “ir más allá” reveal a career in constant evolution.

Raúl Pérez make wines almost in a traditional way. Wines that are very expressive, powerful and elegant at an affordable price.
Ultreia Saint Jacques is a wine made from 100% Mencía, from very old vineyards planted on clay-calcareous soils. Harvested is carried out manually. Once the grapes arrive at the winery, they ferment in oak barrels with a capacity of 3,000 to 5,000 litres, without temperature control. Aged in old used French oak vats. It is not filtered or clarified.

Ultreia Saint Jacques is a fresh, elegant and fruity wine. This wine is a tribute to Raúl Pérez to his roots, his land.



Albany Distilling Company, ALB Vodka (NV)

Producer: Albany Distilling Company
Category: Spirit — Vodka
Geography: New York, United States

The Albany Distilling Company is a modest operation, producing craft spirits one small batch at a time. It is located in downtown Albany, not far from the site of the city’s original 18th century distillery. Owners John Curtin and Matthew Jager are proud to be a part of New York State’s rich heritage of spirit production.

Made from American corn and distilled six times before being meticulously blended and run through charcoal filters, ALB Vodka is clean and crisp with a touch of sweetness. Neutral enough to be shaken into a cocktail and smooth enough to drink on the rocks.


Lockhouse Distillery, Ibisco Bitter Liqueur

Producer: Lockhouse Distillery
Category: Spirit — Liqueur — Bitter
Geography: New York, United States

Lockhouse Distillery is the first distillery to open in Buffalo, New York since Prohibition. Marking a return to the aesthetics and values that made Buffalo great, Lockhouse is dedicated to crafting fine artisinal spirits with a focus on high quality production and local ingredients.


Lockhouse Ibisco Bitter Liqueur – Campari-red in color with a distinct orange peel overtone to go along with an ample sugar character. On the palate, the sweetness hits first, a simple honey/syrup character, before the bitterness grips your palate like a vise. Bitter orange peel, traditional bitter roots, and some sour cherry notes. As the finish emerges, notes of rhubarb and grapefruit start to emerge, ending things on a lingering note that’s more bitter than sweet.

Aroma – Grapefruit, Hibiscus, Chamomile
Taste – Candied Grapefruit, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Gentle Bitterness

Ibisco bitter is very cocktail friendly.


Lockhouse Distillery, New York Style Fine Gin 83 Proof (NV)

As a New York Style we distill this Fine Gin with a reduced juniper content to let all the other herbs and botanicals grab your attention. Try it in a classic cocktail or a new age twist!Aromas: Garden Sage, Orange, Cardamom
Tastes/Notes: Orange, Light Juniper, Cinnamon, Marshmallow Sweetness
Aging: Mellowed 1 Week in a Stainless Tank
Alcohol: 83 proof, 41.5% ABV, 750ml


Lockhouse Distillery, Seasonal Sakura Gin (NV)

Spirit – Gin – Flavored
New York, United States
Traditionally the cherry blossom represents the fragility and beauty of life. Made using cherry blossoms collected from throughout the Olmsted Park System, this gin opens with a soft delicate texture and finishes firm, floral, and slightly sweet.