March 6, 2020 – Friday Wine Tasting!

Tastings and News / Friday, March 6th, 2020

Join us this Friday for an exciting wine tasting!
We will have open 4 interesting wines with unfamiliar grape like rufete red from Salamanca Spain, a cereza red grape and a Malbec from Patagonia, Argentina and a white blend from north of Italy!

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Tasting Time: 5:30 to 8:30pm

See below for full information:

Beccaris, Custoza White (2018)

Category: Wine – Still – White
Grapes: Trebbiano Toscano, Tocai Friulano, and Garganega
Geography: Veneto, Italy

Their vineyards are located on the hills surrounding Custoza, a few kilometers south-east of Garda Lake. They are located on the edge of the Dolomites, ancient glaciers formed this beautiful alpine region.

The morainic landscape that characterizes the region is marked by a dense series of hills formed by deposits left by the glaciers that formed the nearby Lake Garda, interspersed with large gravel plains.

The particularly mild micro-climate allows the growth of some Mediterranean climate crops like vines, olive trees or even citrus, which are extremely rare at this latitude (46° North).


VARIETALS: Trebbiano Toscano, Tocai Friulano and Garganega. Hand Harvested

+25 year old vines. Estate grown.

SOIL: Chalk and broken slate

TASTING NOTES: Citrus and herbal notes on the nose, with a creamy and delicate body


Cara Sucia, Cereza (2018)

Grape: Cereza
Geography: Mendoza, Argentina

Cara Sucia Cereza 2018 is without doubt an exciting red, probably you’ve never tasted anything quite like it and wish that Durigutti had made more than 3,000 bottles.

The grape variety Cereza, meaning “cherry”, It’s thought to have been brought to Argentina by Spanish settlers and is often used to make rustic and deeply coloured white or rosé for the locals. So it’s rarely makes it to these shores. However, Durigutti have an old vine plot in Rivadavia that was planted in 1940, and they manage to extract a huge amount of colour from those concentrated grapes, creating a juicy and quite frankly mindboggling red wine.

Cara Sucia means “dirty face”, inspired by the winemaking brothers who grew up on these dusty vineyards. But there’s nothing dirty about their wine. It’s aged in concrete eggs so there’s no oak to mask the vibrant fruit, and it’s bottled without filtering or fining making it vegan-friendly.

it’s just as bright as a button. A gentle sense of sweetness to the fruit makes it a revelation with spicy food like the umami side of Thai and Indonesian street food, or tacos, arepas and curries. And with super low tannins, you can even chill it lightly for enjoying it

Cereza front

Vinas del Cambrico, Rufete Miranda (2016)

Grape: Rufete
Geography: Castilla y León, Spain
Appellation: Sierra de Salamanca
Features: Organic/Natural
Bodega Cambrico is located in the heart of the Sierra de Francia National Park and European Biosphere Reserve, in Salamanca, Spain. Starting in 2000, we recuperated old vineyards that we farm organically.
VARIETAL: 100% Rufete VINEYARD: On terraces 750 meters above sea level with vines over 80-years old. Granitic soils. FARMING PRACTICES: Organically grown, dry farmed, planted in terraces. Hand harvested into 22lb boxes. WINEMAKING: Careful de-steaming and selection. Spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts. All movement of grapes, must and wine done by gravity. Single barrel. Aged 6 months in French oak. Unfined and unfiltered TASTING NOTES: Ruby red in the glass with aromas of strawberries, balsamic and hints of mint and fresh floral. Flavors of mixed red berries and herbs with harmonious balanced tannins and a long finish.

Miranda principal

Aguijón de Abeja, Malbec Reserva (2015)

Grape: Malbec
Geography: Patagonia, Argentina
Appellation: Patagonia
Features: Organic/Natural

VARIETAL: 100% organically grown Malbec from Patagonia

WINEMAKERS: Pablo and Hector Durigutti

VINIFICATION: 7 day cold maceration, fermentation with native yeasts, malolactic fermentation in oak

AGING: 14 months in oak

Bottled unfined and unfiltered.

TASTING NOTES: A concentrated and well structured wine. A deep red color with hints of violet. Spicy nose of ripe cassis and blackberry. Continued flavors of black fruits with a well balanced and extended finish.