December 13, 2019 – Weekend Tasting!

Tastings and News / Friday, December 13th, 2019

It’s the final stretch of the year, need a glass of wine?

Friday we will have 4 spectacular Italian wines
A Colio Pinot Grigio, a fancy Franciacorta sparkling and 2 reds, a Sicilian blend, Frappato and Nero D’avola + a Rosso di Montalcino!

On Saturday for our local spirit Fall series we will showcase Barrow’s Intense ginger Liqueur from Industrial City, Brooklyn!
We will taste It as a nip and in a cocktail

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Tasting time: 6:00 to 9:00pm

See below for full information:


Monte Rossa, Franciacorta Brut Sansevé Satèn (NV)

Category: Wine – Sparkling – White
Grape: Chardonnay
Geography: Lombardy, Italy
Appellation: Franciacorta

The Monte Rossa is an historical wine producing company in which the country tradition blended harmoniously with technology and in which the artisan care and the very passionate research for excellence have been managed with great diligence and entrepreneurial behaviour , without compromises.In 1972, the entrepreneur Paolo Rabotti with the precious help of his wife Paola, took up the way of vine growing.

Today the Monte Rossa Company manages 70 hectars of vineyards. The different locations of cru on plots with different exposition contribute to increase the aromatic richness of grapes in such a way to make up very rich cuvée under the frame and complexity aspect. The Company production is 500.000 bottles approx. per year.

Satèn is the word used to identify a production Protocol exclusive to Franciacorta, foreseeing:
the sole use of white grapes (Chardonnay); a pressure of fewer than 5 atmospheres inside the bottle, after the formation of foam; a sugar dosage corresponding with the Brut category (maximum 15 g./litre). The combination of these three elements results in a soft and creamy wine evoking the softness and pleasure of silk. Thus its name in dialect: Satèn.


Rio Floriano, Pinot Grigio Collio (2018)

Category: Wine – Still – White
Grape: Pinot Grigio
Geography: Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
This is a Pinot Grigio entirely sourced in vineyards near the river “Rio Floriano” in the commune of San Floriano in Collio in the Province of Gorizia in the Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, located about 40 kilometres (25 mi) northwest of Trieste and about 6 kilometres (4 mi) northwest of Gorizia, on the border with Slovenia. The river source is a few hundred ms. from the center of the town and runs a few km. on the south side of San Floriano then exiting in Torrente Groina. This part of Collio continuing south, on the very border to Slovenia in the Gorizia district is where the slopes become steeper and the cool Bora wind brings freshness and higher acidity into the grapes. This area accounts for little more than 5% of the vineyards but traditionally account for the highest accolades and awards. A part of the winery to the side of the river Rio Floriano grow really healthy grapes that make sincere wines, distinctive fresh nature that really represent well the character of the Collio terroir. This line is meant to side the Muzic more prestigious line with fresh vines no too structured of easy approach, smooth drinkability for all the Italian wine lovers out there. Here the Pinot Grigio is more concentrated, thicker and more powerful. The wines are fermented with little to no oxygen contact, therefore preserving fresh notes of ripe apples, apricots, and pineapple. On the finish, you’ll notice roasted aromas of hazelnut, smoke, and vanilla when oak barrel is being used.

Rio floriano p.g. 2018

Paolo Calì, Terre Siciliane Frappato Nero d’Avola Jazz (2016)

Grapes: Frappato and Nero d’Avola
Geography: Sicily, Italy
Appellation: Terre Siciliane
Features: Organic, Sustainable

Paolo Calì is a winemaker pharmacist who bet on his territory in Vittoria Sicily, devoted to the cultivation of the vineyard and the production of wine, re-establishing the age-old tradition of my family in these same lands. His winery has grown through passion and dedication as a childhood dream. He is located at stone throw from Arianna Occhipinti’s vineyards. This Jazz is a blend of 55% Frappato and 45% Nero d’Avola with a yield of 70 qt. of fruit per ht.

First vintage 2003. About 4,000 cases total production.
Soil: reddish-brown sand (ancient marine sand)
Climate: very hot. Vittoria is further south than parts of Tunisia
Style: wines are fresh, bright, and very well-made, no new wood is used
The vinification happens with 10/12 days of maceration in stainless steel vats. Part of the Nero d’Avola is left defoliated in plant and harvest at least 15 days after the Frappato collection.Bare in mind they are located only 189 mts a.s.l. laying on sand dunes with rich calcareous soil underneath.
Nose aromas of fruity cherry, pomegranate, forest berries.The palate is fresh and gently tannic with good acidity. Lots of flavors melting together on the palate. Round, fresh and well balanced. This wine he says is like Jazz – Full of notes. Longevity 5-10 years, pair it with red meat and rich sausage and aged cheeses.


Martoccia di Luca Brunelli, Rosso di Montalcino (2016)

Grape: Sangiovese
Geography: Tuscany, Italy
Appellation: Rosso di Montalcino
The Montalcino area is steeped in rural tradition where in the past, country families lived in farms of varying sizes.
The medieval town of Montalcino is located on a chain of hills lying between Siena to the north and Monte Amiata to the south. The area is famous for its typical wine: “Brunello di Montalcino”.
The small Martoccia di Brunelli farm lies in the midst of the Montalcino hills. It is owned by Mauro Brunelli and Anna Savini, both of whom are descended from farming families that have always lived in Montalcino.
As commonly occurred in the 1960’s, a hard time for the agricultural sector, the Brunelli family left their home and farming life for the city and got involved in other activities.
In 1964, the family returned to the farm and with just 3 hectares of land they began to plan the production of wine.
Mauro and Anna’s only son is Luca who decided to farm the property after completing his studies. As a result, the family started to produce wine.
In 1998, they bought some more land on which they planted a new 3 hectare vineyard.AboutThe Martoccia di Brunelli farm currently covers 20 hectares of land, 8 of which are vineyards. 6 of them planted under Brunello di Montalcino vine register for D.O.C.G. (Controlled and Guaranteed Origin). Other 4 Ha are part of the property in the Montecucco area, where 3 Ha are planted under vines. The farm also has a few hectares of olives groves and woodland. A small amount of olive oil is also produced.

Some of the wine matures in medium/large barrels while the rest is put into French oak barrique in the recently restored winery. The most important thing about producing wine is to use a cultivation technique that gives a good quality wine with a smaller amount of grapes. The official production specifications require that no more than 8 tons of grapes be produced per hectare. Though it’s not easy to grow less grapes, it is the best way of obtaining good results.

Long-considered to be the little brother of Brunello, Rosso di Montalcino is, in fact, a wine of great distinction and depth where the distinguishing fruity black cherry and wild berries unite with light sensations of vanilla and spice. First courses with meat sauces, grilled dishes, roasts and medium-aged cheeses bring out the best in its deep and balanced flavor.
Tasting note
Colour: Clean ruby red
Bouquet: Deep floral aroma with hints of spice and mint
Palate: Medium to full bodied, with nice acidy and balanced tannins
Food Pairing: Ideal with cold cuts and meat sauce pasta. Match also with grilled with and red meat . Fantastic with medium seasoned cheeses and mushrooms

Rdm lb 16


Barrows, Intense Ginger Liqueur

Category: Spirit – Liqueur – Botanical
Raw material: Ginger
Geography: New York, United States
Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur is made with fresh Ginger. No extracts, no chemicals, just lots and lots of fresh Ginger. So, are you interested in experiencing the pure, big, bold, powerful flavor of fresh Ginger.
Bold sweet and spicy aroma. Initial flavor is subtle and leads to intense notes of spicy ginger, which linger on the finish.