August 30, 2019 – Labor Day Weekend Tasting!

Tastings and News / Friday, August 30th, 2019

If you aren’t leaving the city, join us this Friday for a special tasting.
We will have open 2 wines from South Africa, a rose blend and an Orange wine!
Also we will have open a Pinot noir from California and a white Vernaccia grape from Tuscany!

Tasting time: 6:00 to 9:00

See below full wine information:

Geografico, Vernaccia di San Gimignano (2017)

Geography: Tuscany, Italy
Appellation: Vernaccia di San Gimignano
Since its birth, the objective and the spirit of the Agricoltori del Chianti Geografico has been to demonstrate the intrinsic value of Tuscan wines and to show why Tuscan vineyards are part of an international elite. The vineyards of the 200 growers of the Agricoltori del Chianti Geografico are located in the most prestigious Tuscan production zones. They cover 571 hectares (1410 acres) of which 486 hectares (1200 acres) are registered as DQCG, the highest legal designation of quality for ltalian wine.Representing the most important appellations of the region, the Agricoltori del Chianti Geografico growers have always sought to produce wines by respecting tradition and history, while being sensitive to all the technical innovations in viticulture and enology that can contribute to the wines improvement.
Vernaccia stems from an important grape, capable of great results, and cultivated in an area with which Cecchi has a strong bond. The accurate selection and cultivation techniques have specific permission to exalt all the characteristics of the grape in a current. Perfumed and intense end to the taste is balanced with the right freshness, it is persistent.

Bosman Family Vineyards, 47 Varietal Rosé (2018)

Grapes: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, and Gewürztraminer
Geography: Western Cape, South Africa
Appellation: Western Cape
Features: Vegan, Fair Trade

Steeped in history and tradition, the 8th generation Bosman Family Vineyards is one of South Africa’s oldest and most established wineries.

Situated in the shadow of the Limiet Mountains near Wellington in the Western Cape, Bosman Family Vineyards continues to build upon a proud family legacy. Producing exceptional quality, hand-crafted wines from specially selected vineyards from their farms in Wellington, Hermon & Hermanus epitomizing their distinct values and the extraordinary place they call home.

The rich history of Bosman Family Vineyards is a testament to the family’s commitment to people, the land, and of course, the art of wine-making.

The Lelienfontein Estate, originally issued to French Huguenot, Philip de Royan in 1699 by then-Governor, Willem Adriaan van der Stel, was settled by the first generation of the family in 1798. The family’s first ancestor, Hermanus Bosman, was a sieketrooster (caregiver) who worked in the Cape and played a central role in community development and social upliftment. Bosman lived by the motto of the family crest: ‘faith, hope and love.’ His progressive thinking, desire to help his fellow man, and deep respect for the harmony of nature informed everything he did, and shaped the both the future of the farm and the generations who followed.

The Lelienfontein Estate produced wine up until 1957, when the family turned their focus to their vine nursery. In 2007, the Bosmans returned to the long-held family tradition and released the first wines from their newly renovated 260-year-old cellar.

Today, the descendants of Hermanus Bosman are proud custodians of both his land and his legacy, devoted to responsible, handcrafted winemaking.

This rose has more than 47 Varietals! The breadth of the varietals comes from the Bosman Vine Garden, a clone garden in a cooler climate region that is a “shopping block” for winemakers and viticulturists around South Africa. Vineyard blocks are harvested according to ripeness, and specifically with the intention to make this rose. The wine is naturally lower alcohol and displays freshness due to its natural acidity. Light, fresh, with loads of character, and a lovely bouquet.

Bosman family generation 8 47 varietal rose

Bosman Family Vineyards, Fides Grenache Blanc Wellington (2016)

Grape: Grenache Blanc
Geography: Western Cape, South Africa
Appellation: Wellington
Features: Organic, Sustainable, Orange wine, Vegan, Fair Trade

This skin macerated, natural fermented orange wine is made of Grenache Blanc. Clear, clean, and with a firm tannin backbone, this wine is grown from bush vines in decomposed granite soils in a converting organic single vineyard plot.. Natural fermentation lasted for 20 days, at which point the berries were basket pressed. A small portion, 20%, of the wine was placed in new Russian oak. To be enjoyed up to 7 years from release.

Colour : A light amber gold.
Nose : Complex dried, waxy orange peel, marzipan with secondary fruit characters.
Palate : Instead of simply tasting fruit or flowers this wine tastes of bruised apple, pot pourri and candied peel

Bosman fides 1

Authentic Wine Selections, Accent de la Vigne Pinot Noir California (2016)

Grape: Pinot Noir
Geography: United States
Voix de la Vigne started as a natural next step for me in the wine business. In addition to my distribution company, Authentic Wine Selections,  Robert Morrison have sold wine nationally for Laurent Montalieu (founding winemaker at Willakensie Estate).
In California, I have been distributing Laurent’s three brands since 2009: Solena Estate, Hyland Estate, and Brella. Based on my close working relationship with Laurent and his team, we decided to collaborate on a new Pinot Noir for the National and international markets.
It was my desire to create a brand that is eye-candy for the Francophile—it looks like an old bottle of Burgundy, yet it is domestic and affordable

VINIFICATION The fruit was destemmed and passed through a heat exchange to drop the temperature below 40 degrees F and prevent radical fermentation. After a 3 day cold soak the temperature is raised and yeas is added to start fermentation. Fermentation is temperature controlled to 80 degrees. Wine is then neutral oak aged for approximately 8 months.

WINEMAKER’S TASTING NOTES This is a very expressive wine aromatically, with lychee, cranberry, kola, raspberry, red cherries abounding with hints of cinnamon and clove, wildflower honey, and cacao. Flavors of red fruits including pomegranate are accented by wisps of cedar and a hint of leather. This wine has a bright, food-friendly profile.

FOOD PAIRING This wine will pair well with poached or grilled salmon, variety of pork dishes, poultry, and lamb.