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Kings County’s Honey Moonshine

Kings County Distillery – Navy Yard (Brooklyn) Raw materials: Corn and Barley Geography: New York, United States Their Honey Moonshine, or Honeymoon Shine, if you prefer, is Kings County moonshine infused for about six months with full honeycomb frames from Brooklyn Grange, a rooftop farm, and our neighbors here in the Navy Yard. The honey […]


Ibisco Bitter Liqueur

Lockhouse Distillery – Buffalo (NY) Producer: Lockhouse Distillery Category: Spirit — Liqueur — Bitter Geography: New York, United States Lockhouse Distillery is the first distillery to open in Buffalo, New York since Prohibition. Marking a return to the aesthetics and values that made Buffalo great, Lockhouse is dedicated to crafting fine artisinal spirits with a […]


ALB Vodka

Albany Distilling Company – Albany (NY) Producer: Albany Distilling Company Category: Spirit — Vodka Geography: New York, United States The Albany Distilling Company is a modest operation, producing craft spirits one small batch at a time. It is located in downtown Albany, not far from the site of the city’s original 18th century distillery. Owners […]


Arcane Fernet

Arcane Distilling – Williamsburg, Brooklyn (NY) Category: Spirit — Liqueur — Bitter Geography: New York, United States Fernet first appeared in Milan as medicine & kept that status in the US during prohibition, meaning it was available for purchase at pharmacies despite it’s alcohol content. The recipes of the original producers have changed over time […]


Ragtime – Empire Rye Whiskey

The New York Distilling Company – Williamsburg, Brooklyn (NY) Empire Rye must be produced in the state of New York, just like Scotch must be produced in Scotland and Champagne must be produced in the Champagne region of France. At minimum, 75% of the rye that the whiskey is made of should be grown in […]


Small Batch Beacon Bourbon Whiskey 100 Proof

Denning’s Point Distillery – Beacon (NY) Category: Spirit — Whiskey — Other Raw material: Corn Geography: New York, United States Denning’s Point Distillery in Beacon, NY crafts the finest artisanal spirits available including Viskill Vodka, Beacon American Whiskey & Denning’s White Rye Whiskey. They choose only the highest quality grains from NY state farms and […]


Wormwood Rye

Standard Wormwood Distillery, Brooklyn (NY) The distillery is founded on experimenting with wormwood spirits. Early on in their trials, wormwood was an illusive banned ingredient, best known for its use in traditional absinthe. On their first distillation they fell in love with more than the myth though, the subtle lucid wakeful feel was unlike any […]


Sunshine Reserve, American Whiskey

Sunshine Reserve – Warwick (NY) Sunshine Reserve has been specifically crafted to be a hybrid between a Bourbon and a Single Pot Still Irish Whisky in terms of flavor. As a result, it has the dominant caramel and vanilla flavors of a Bourbon, but instead of having Bourbon’s heavier oak and smoke flavor, it has […]


Black Dirt Single Barrel Bourbon

Black Dirt Distillery – Warwick (NY) Category: Spirit — Whiskey — Bourbon Geography: New York, United States BLACK DIRT takes its name from the dark, fertile soil left by an ancient glacial lake that once covered Thousands of acres of upstate New York. Perfectly suited for growing crops such as corn, this Black Dirt has […]


Kings County’s Strawberry Ginger Moonshine

Kings County Distillery – Navy Yard (Brooklyn) This is the spring 2017 release. To create this whiskey, head blender Ryan Ciuchta infused two tanks of moonshine, one with quartered strawberries and the other with shaved ginger, then carefully blended them together to create this lovely pink spirit. This is the perfect whiskey for spring cocktails […]


Great 9 Gin

Denning’s Point Distillery – Beacon, NY Producer: Denning’s Point Distillery Category: Spirit — Gin — New Western Geography: New York, United States Great 9 Gin is a celebration of the rich, verdant Hudson Valley and the original land patent for which it was named, the Great Nine Partners’ Patent. It also represents the 9 fragrant […]


Maid Of The Meadow Vodka

Denning’s Point Distillery – Beacon, NY Producer: Denning’s Point Distillery Category: Spirit — Vodka — Flavored Geography: New York, United States Maid of the Meadow is a true reflection of the abundance of the Hudson Valley! Wild herbs and wild honey infuse this wheat based spirit, lending it a lovely nose of honey and peaches, […]


Fishers Island Lemonade

All Night Long – Fishers Island (NY) Fishers Island, New York, a nine-mile-long island in Long Island Sound with a year-round population of 236, is generally a quiet place. There is one bar, The Pequot Inn, which has been in business for more than 100 years. It happens to serve one of the best drinks […]


Montauk Rum Black Sail

Hampton Rum Company – Long Island (NY) Category: Spirit — Rum — Spiced/Flavored Geography: New York, United States It was the love of the water and beaches of Montauk, Long Island that led to the birth of Hampton Rum Company. The history of rum on Long Island runs deep in the Islands East End culture. […]


Rice Whiskey and Jabuka

Moto Spirits Distillery – Bushwick, Brooklyn (NY) Moto Spirits Distillery is a new craft micro distillery in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and the first rice whiskey distillery in North America. Moto Spirits reflects owners’ fondness for motorcycles and motorcycle adventures when traveling in different countries. Their rice whiskey grew out of a trip to North Vietnam. Jabuka […]


Cornelius Cherry and Peach Applejack

Harvest Spirits Distillery – Valatie, NY ​Harvest Spirits Distillery is a special place where the “lucky” apples go to become immortal, preserved forever in the form of our award-winning vodka, applejack and brandy. We established Harvest Spirits in 2007 in order to make the best use of our surplus apples, and in turn support our […]


St. Agrestis Amaro

St. Agrestis – Brooklyn (NY) Agrestis: of the field, of the wild St. Agrestis was founded in 2014 by sommeliers, Nicholas Finger & Fairlie McCollough, upon returning to New York from a three-month trip throughout Italy. The trip furthered their passion for the unique regional amari, and became the inspiration to create a regional amaro […]


Brooklyn Whiskey – Van Brunt Stillhouse

Brooklyn Whiskey – Van Brunt Stillhouse – Red Hook (Brooklyn) Van Brunt Stillhouse takes a time honored traditional approach to distilling. Sourcing wheat, rye and corn directly from upstate New York farmers. Making every spirit from scratch in the waterfront neighborhood of Red Hook in Brooklyn. Our family of whiskeys give a nod to classic […]


Kings County Distillery’s Winter Spice Whiskey & Single Malt Whiskey

Kings County Distillery – Navy Yard (Brooklyn) Kings County Distillery is New York City’s oldest operating whiskey distillery, the first since prohibition. Founded in 2010, Kings County makes handmade moonshine, bourbon, and other whiskeys out of the 117-year-old Paymaster Building in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Winter Spice Whiskey For this year’s fall seasonal release, they […]


Ragtime Rye

The New York Distilling Company – Williamsburg, Brooklyn (NY) RAGTIME RYE AMERICAN STRAIGHT WHISKEY At the dawn of a new century, before the turbulence of Prohibition, the stalwarts of saloons and brothels alike were Ragtime and Rye. The syncopated rhythms of a uniquely American music were punctuated by well-built melody and shades of harmony; to […]