December 22nd 2017 – DOQI, Kisi Qvevri (2015)

DOQI, Kisi Qvevri (2015)

Grape: Kisi
Geography: Kakheti, Georgia
Features: Orange wine

The Wines of Georgia
At the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, Georgia is considered the homeland of viticulture and winemaking. New levels of investment have allowed Georgian producers to improve quality through modernization and innovation while reviving the region’s ancient winemaking traditions.
Wine has always been an integral part of Georgian culture and national identity. Grape seeds and ceramic jugs called qvevris have been found dating back 8,000 years throughout the country, leading some scientists to believe that Georgia was one of the likely birthplaces of viticulture. They also believe that vitis vinifera —the common grape vine— originated from the Caucasus mountains where modern day Georgia encompasses.

Kakheti’s most prized “amber” wines are made from white grapes, fermented with the skins and seeds in massive buried clay vats called qvevri–an ancient methos originating from Georgia. The white grapes transform into a sunset-colored, tea-like Rkatsiteli fragrant with spices, dried fruit, and honey. Firmly dry, gently tannic, and positively food friendly. The clay doqi wine vessel symbolizes the tradition of hospitality at the Georgian table.

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